5 days to go. see you at saturday ! Advertisements

This Saturday !

THIS SATURDAY, don’t miss this ! we will have  CHET LAM (林一峰) in the house from 7 – 9 pm, please RSVP only if you are coming, email us ( )and get on the guest list, if you don’t want to stand in the rain (look at the weather today) then please RSVP, if … Continue reading


many emails regarding the opening date and stuff….well if you passed 4th ave now you will see a huge sign at the corner with the logo on it….stay tuned…well first event on this coming saturday ! (not grand opening tho!)

Renovation Still

renovation continues and hopefully will done soon….everything is RED…. paint, floor, machines, everything…RED


Our first event will be kicking off by CHET LAM ( 林一峰 )…. CHET LAM will be launching their new series called L.Y.F.E and designed by WRONGWROKS stay tuned for more news, its not our grand opening (as many emails were asking) but it will be the first event inside , so if u love … Continue reading


I told  you, its very boring! Trust me ! It is !