we will have another STRIKE this week ! up to 50% off on long sleeves gear for you, crewnecks, hoodies, zipups, jackets, down jackets !!! stadium jacket, anything with long sleeves we do this for you ! from March 31st (tomorrow) to April 5th (sunday!) don’t miss this ! Advertisements

Today’s special… Wrongwroks tees + Hands up Pants

I am glad that the Polka Dot/Mesh cap V.I.P. special was over, and I hope everyone is happy with the goodies they got from Superbored =) It’s Monday today! Yaaawooo! I have picked a couple of things that I think it’s really interesting, so I have decided to write it in Today’s Special^^ This “NOW … Continue reading

Shadowgraph Plaid shirt and zip up

Shadowgraph jacket has becoming one of our best sellers in store! We have launched the plaid shirt from Shadowgraph. This shadowgraph red plaid shirt is very well made. They have taken care of all the small details on the shirt… the embroidery and the wooden buttons.. it all blend with the plaid pattern… =) This … Continue reading

WRONGWROKS cushions !

we got some new and fresh WRONGWROKS cushions in the store today , so check it out if you love to display some WRONGWROKS cushions or filled up more WRKS in your room, come down our store ! each cushion we have one in stock only…..don’t sleep on this…or you gonna sleep by yourself without … Continue reading

Stayreal 2nd launching March 27th Friday

Ah Shin is wearing the Gas Mask tee from Stayreal, and we are lauching it in store TOMORROW!!!!! The Black one is now in store!! Ah shin is wearing the Pigeon Magic tee, and it is also available in store! I know the Answer! Wearing this tee and go into your math midterm… hahaha… Stayreal … Continue reading

Outerspace LOVE tee March 27-Friday

This weekend, we will launch the outerspace — Love tee Available in 4 different colors, Black/White/Red/Pink It’s the LOVE tee… Love is made of Velcro, and when two people wearing the same tee at the same time…. it sticks together!!!!! literally! Men size M/L/XL is the Hoop side, and Girl S and SS is the … Continue reading