Today’s Special OUTERSPACE

Check this out peepz… Outerspace from Taiwan… they are getting so hot in Asia… Outerspace is founded by a taiwanese TV show host called “Circus” For those who are familar with TV programs from Channel [V], Bang Bang tang boys, Director Andy… they are all sponsered by Outerspace! Superbored has brought Outerspace to Canada!!!! We have … Continue reading

WRONGWROKS x STAYREAL Phone Strap / Chains

To celebrate the FIRST store of WRONGWROKS – “SUPER BORED” and STAY REAL’s “STAY REAL FLAGSHIP STORE” , we have came together with this special phone strap/ chain project.. 曾經和STAYREAL共同舉辦「REAL FAKE吠克藝術展」的加拿大潮流品牌WRONGWROKS, 首家旗艦店「SUPER BORED」於2009年3月,在溫哥華正式開幕!除了WRONGWROKS本家的作品外,也引進了STAYREAL的作品,共同打造潮流新力量。聯名紀念作-「STAYREAL X WRONGWROKS 1st store remembrance phone strap/chains 」同時推出了。 Designed by Tony (WRONGWROKS) & 阿信 AH SHIN ( 五月天 MAYDAY/ STAY REAL) & … Continue reading