we will be stocking the classic WRONGWROKS tee in kitty logo and also… dora logo too ! these will be in store on Thursday, 3. 26 Advertisements

Today’s Special OUTERSPACE

Check this out peepz… Outerspace from Taiwan… they are getting so hot in Asia… Outerspace is founded by a taiwanese TV show host called “Circus” For those who are familar with TV programs from Channel [V], Bang Bang tang boys, Director Andy… they are all sponsered by Outerspace! Superbored has brought Outerspace to Canada!!!! We have … Continue reading

WRONGWROKS x STAYREAL Phone Strap / Chains

To celebrate the FIRST store of WRONGWROKS – “SUPER BORED” and STAY REAL’s “STAY REAL FLAGSHIP STORE” , we have came together with this special phone strap/ chain project.. 曾經和STAYREAL共同舉辦「REAL FAKE吠克藝術展」的加拿大潮流品牌WRONGWROKS, 首家旗艦店「SUPER BORED」於2009年3月,在溫哥華正式開幕!除了WRONGWROKS本家的作品外,也引進了STAYREAL的作品,共同打造潮流新力量。聯名紀念作-「STAYREAL X WRONGWROKS 1st store remembrance phone strap/chains 」同時推出了。 Designed by Tony (WRONGWROKS) & 阿信 AH SHIN ( 五月天 MAYDAY/ STAY REAL) & … Continue reading


位於加拿大溫哥華的潮流店舖 [ SUPER BORED ]是由藝術家”WR” (WRONG WROKS) 所經營開設, 是間完全屬於WR 風格的形象專賣店, WR 使用幽默.詼諧逗趣與天馬行空的創意思維打造過多樣話題性作品, 而自本月份起台灣品牌 “SHADOWGRAPH” 也正式與 WR 合作, 將於 SUPER BORED 引進系列商品, 住在溫哥華的朋友有空可以去逛逛囉! SUPER BORED 1701 West 4th Ave Vancouver, BC, Canada (6 0 4) 8 7 3- 2 2 9 3 source : JUKSY


Shadowngraph X Phantaci Collaboration has now launched at SUPERBORED! JAY’s Phantaci is one of the hottest spot to drop by when you at Taipei… see…周杰倫 Jay Chou‘s Phantaci X Shadowgraph collabration 100% hand made leather belt only limited to 10 pieces and we have got 2 in, so be quick, its very nice and if … Continue reading


from OVERDOPE Shadowgraph 正式入駐了加拿大溫哥華的Supre Bored 店家, 並已開始上架販售! 而Super Bored 正是品牌”Wrong Wroks” 主理人WR 所擁有的新店面. 現在Shadowgraph 也可以在溫哥華入荷囉! SUPER BORED (溫哥華, 加拿大) 1701 West 4th Ave Vancouver, BC, Canada (6 0 4) 8 7 3- 2 2 9 3 Shadowgraph 士林 (台北, 台灣) 美德街82號 02-28334888