I am proudly to introduce this 3M WW WRONGWROKS black mesh cap is now ONLY avaliable @ SUPERBORED VANCOUVER! What’s special about this 3M WW wrongwroks cap? 3M is actually a company =) the name of the material is called …”3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material”…. hahaha and we would like to call it 3M material.. =D … Continue reading

WW wrongwroks cap is now OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!

For those people who have been extremely looking forward to our WW wrongwroks’ cap… Just to let you guys know that… it’s now OFFICIALLY launched @ SUPERBORED store! Sorry for the long wait….! =) It’s now in store! the Black and White WW wrongwroks mesh cap! it sold out in a second when we put … Continue reading

Wax stamp cap is BACK

RESTOCK.RESTOCK.RESTOCK… WRONGWROKS’s Wax stamp cap is BACK… for those peeps who have been looking for it for the longest time…. here it comes! we got red wax stamp bob on whole black mesh…. Also we got this classic Black and white mesh with Red wax stamp…. ^^ THE BRAND NEW GOLDEN wax stamp!!!!!! It’s very … Continue reading


no kidding, not another t-shirt promotion we are really hiring, if you are interested, please send your CV/resume & recent photos to our email store@super-bored.com Thanks.

T-shirt 2008/2009

There is a site call “1T-shirt world” , its a site that from USA and they reported about new tees everyday from brands around the world…. check out their web……and they have a T-shirts ranking around the world ! This year, believe or not, im not too sure about the result but i don’t mind … Continue reading