We are launching this NEW item in store called “O CLOCK”, this watch is HOT, all the way from ITALY! Celebrities in Asia rock this baby in the latest issue of EAST TOUCH.

Eason was Wearing Oclock WHITE! Come get it in our Store! Superbored!!!!! (and also eason was wearing the DUO concert tee that SUPERBORED made)

Eason chan was wearing the white Native boots and White Oclock watch!

Edison Chan, the founder of Juice/ Clot wearing the ORANGE!

Kevin Poon, the Co-founder of Juice and Clot, he is wearing BLACK

Sam Lee aka DJ becareful Wearing the RED!

Hilary Tsui from Liger (also the beloved one of Eason Chan) wearing BLACK

Models Anjaylia wearing WHITE!

more … More celebrities wearing it! See the pictures!

Here are all the colors we have =)

The O’Clock watch is a silicon timepiece that is produced in Italy. It comes in 3 sizes (small, medium & large ) so it comfortably fits virtually anyone and it’s water resistant so feel free to jump in the shower with it!

It’s a personal preference whether you want to wear it fitted like a standard watch or loose like a bracelet. The sizes measure as follows:

Small – 6 inches
Medium – 7 inches
Large – 7.8 inches

If your buying it as a gift a general guide would be as follows:

Small – 150lbs or less*
Medium – 150 – 195lbs*
Large – 195lbs +*

*This is a general estimate, using wrist measurements is obviously more accurate.

Come to the store and TRY! grab all of them!

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