OUTERSPACE Cherry space Jersey~ in white and black!

長版T正面超甜美queen size蝴蝶結 手工正反面不間斷對位印製設計 使得正面的蝴蝶蝶延續跨越背面裁片 除了讓比例與腰曲線更完美呈現外 也讓`I`m your gift !(我是你的禮物!) 這可愛的設計概念更能完整呈現 穿上它… 感覺被高貴的蝴蝶結環繞 妳就好像是全世界最奢華美麗的禮物! 象徵甜美可愛的櫻桃果實 巧妙地融合太空元素 充滿愛戀的維他命C UP!UP! 清純粉嫩的配色讓妳看起來更可口唷! Advertisements

OUTERSPACE JUST KIDDING! In black and white~

T恤正面巨大的Just Kidding標語 加上超可愛的頑皮美式表情 超討喜的絕妙合體 在緊繃的生活 讓看見的人心情大好! 當然你對他的惡作劇 他也會會心一笑!Just Kidding啦!

Black Fever by Fever outerspace CAP! Black and Pink!

最簡單也最具震撼力 黑牌的最高宗旨 設計、顏色、材質全都一絲不苟絕不馬虎!!! LOGO即是經典 經典設計就是LOGO LOGO設計選用亮面漆皮材質 一片漆黑之中若隱若現 帽沿裡貼心設計印刷黑牌LOGO 讓你一抬頭也能展現黑牌態度!!! 不管是運動、街頭或是流行都能成為最搭配件 BLACK FEVER ALWAYS POWER!!!

Stayreal new snoopy tee release on thursday!

Hi you all, i know you guys are now suffering so badly from final exams…. don’t stress yourself out too much~ and read this new about New stayreal release in SUPERBORED! Both boys and girls size available in store this thursday! Stayreal snoopy on the MOON! Girls size is long jersey~ so cute! we also … Continue reading

STAGE girls short sleeves zip up hoody dress!

We are starting to have a little some more STAGE stuff at SUPERBORED now! Just like the one 小豬 羅志祥 SHOW LUO wearing on entertainment 100%, he is wearing the men version of it… and IN SUPERBORED you can find the girls version of what SHOW is wearing!! and we caught Hu Die Jie Jie … Continue reading

LUCKY BAG 2010 !

LUCKY BAG ! @ SUPERBORED ONLY ! WHAT IS LUCKY BAG ? WRONGWROKS lucky bag offered (2 WRKS TEE at your size + 1 cap!)  = 66.00 ! WHAT A DEAL, only while quatities last, once its sold out, we will end the sales. Sorry !