SUPERBORED APPAREL! Black/White polka dot hoody dress!

SUPERBORED apparel, Polka dot hoody dress, the hood is in special size, it’s not like a ordinary hoody, lower neckline, huge hood, loose cut…

One size fits all! because it’s SUPERBORED APPAREL, we made this for everyone, no matter what size you are, you can still rock it!

not only Jessica C rocks in it, you will for sure look good in it too!

it’s long enough to cover your butt, I know how it feels when you put on a very comfy hoody, and just want to wear leggings (but normal hoodies always not long enough… and then it will show your butt if it’s too short ={ )

We know how it feels, so our hoody dress is long enough for you to just matching with a pair of stockings… just match it like Jessica =)

This Polka dot hoody dress will be in store also this Saturday! Come check it out… also with our superbored apparel…. and SQUAD x WRONGWROKSx Jessica C HEART BEAT RATE cap!

see you in store this weekend!


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