Jessica C wants to be a leopard.

Superbored apparel is now in store this weekend! Come check out all the latest stuff in our store, SUPERBORED and BRAGGARDEN! The last post of the day is this SUPERBORED APPAREL Leopard Patten hoody dress! Jessica C loves it so much~ you might find her wearing it on TV or Magazine sometime~ if you spot her wearing this, please leave us a message =P

This Leopard Pattern hoody dress is light and thin, in this spring-ish/not-yet-summer time (I dunno how to describe this weather) sometimes is hot, but it’s cooler at night… you know? hahahah and ya… this is good enough for this weird weather =)

It has two pockets at the side, hahaha you wouldn’t see it because it’s hidden. =) You can put your small wallet, lipsticks, cell phone… then you won’t have to use handbags… =D… so handy!

Come try those on with your hot stockings, or else, we have some leggings in store you can match with it too =)

Can’t wait to see our customers wear it =)  PLEASE SUPPORT SUPERBORED APPAREL~ =)


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