NEW Chapel’ counter @ SUPERBORED this thursday!

SUPERBORED now has a CHAPEL’ COUNTER… we brought Chapel’ to VANCOUVER!

They are not for girls only~ but some of them are unisex! guys can also wear it too!

Chapel’ Unisex shiny black poncho! both girls and boys can wear it! Can match it with polka dot legging!! Guys can match it with normal dark color pants!

Black shiny poncho can also be your windbreaker, rain coat~ with Paris tote bag!

Chapel’ v neck caron and dark stripe long t-shirt dress! Tide it up~ and you can see the layering!

Match it with Bling Bling pearl bracelet!

Chapel Smilin’ grey/black/white tee, also Unisex too!

Huge ribbon pearl bracelet!

Leopard pattern harem pant!

Leopard pattern harem pants! very silky! also Unisex, boys can wear it!

Match it with Chapel’ white tee or wrongwroks tee in SUPERBORED!

More Chapel’ goodies! Come SUPERBORED and check those out!

See you soon!


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