Jessica is Superbored tee and two colors cardigan!

Jessica is Superbored tee! sky blue V neck tee! American Apparel quality t-shirt! Girls can match it with pink cardigan from Superbored Apparels! Also comes in grey… Grey cardigan from Superbored Apparel! You can match this tee with skirts…or shorts or legging! Come get it @ SUPERBORED! Limited Limited! Advertisements

Jessica C loves shopping @ Brag garden!

Jessica is super excited!Braggarden shopping experience! Peekaboo GF is hiding behind the Brag garden shopping bag! This shopping bag tee comes in white too! Jessica shops @ brag garden,, how about you? see you soon @ braggarden & superbored!

Jessica C loves shopping @ SUPERBORED!

Jessica loves shopping! of course at SUPERBORED!!!!! It comes in black and white! Peekaboo hiding @ superbored’s shopping bag that everyone loves! SUPERBORED shopping bag is super cute! Also comes in white! Red shopping bag! supercute! Look how Jessica C enjoys Shopping at superbored! and hand full of superbored goodies! Check it out @ SUPERBORED! … Continue reading

Chapel new accessories!

Chapel’ accessories is now all in SUPERBROED! Huge crystal key …. to open your heart =) Real lock… gold bracelet…. comes with a key…… you can give this key to the person you like… just to help you unlock your heart’s lock =) hahaha very meaningful gift! Black silky ribbon waistband, also comes with with … Continue reading

SR chocolate wristband!

SR chocolate wristband… a few more left in store! at superbored!


A new series of t-shirts with very positive slogans on front andback of the shirts, with “HUG ME” on the front & “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF” on the back, noticed the hands on the back have 2 version with 2 hands on the waist and also 2 hands on different position at the back, … Continue reading