Stayreal towel Ver.2 cola font~

Wave Towel 浪潮巾 STAYREAL Wave Towel 浪潮巾 ————————————————————————————————– 不管是炎炎夏日  還是酷酷冬夜 不管是海邊游泳  還是山林泡湯 都少不了一條貼身的舒適毛巾 甚至看著感人的電影落淚 不小心打瞌睡的沙發口水 就讓它溫柔地全部吸收吧:) ————————————————————————————————– STAYREAL嚴選材質100%雙面緹花織造 超高磅數 & 超長毛圈 觸感柔軟 & 吸水性強 +plus 精緻透氣收納袋   上山下海都好帶 超值入手單品!! in SUPERBORED right now!!!! Advertisements

Fever Cherry Long tee!

戀!戀?熱血長版T-櫻桃口味 炎炎夏日最需要補充維他命C! 潮流 × 愛情的熱血櫻桃 給你戀愛好臉色,天天都有熱血好心情! Let’s Stick Together. 讓我們緊緊黏在一起的熱戀櫻桃! 長版T正面超Juicy櫻桃 適合所有熱血系甜姐兒的曲線身材 特殊作工&立體發泡設計 讓成雙成對的櫻桃 更添質感與甜蜜度 戀愛很熱血!失戀也萬歲! 愛情人更要愛自己 快穿上它可口一”夏”吧! In store now!!!!!

Fragile Heart . Handle With Care Tee Series feat. by JESSICA C.

a new series of tees from us, summer is start to leave… (in Vancouver) we got something to mail to you…”with Love from WRONGWROKS” from a huge envelope… where we like a parcel travelling everywhere… we need some SUPPORT ! its pretty obvious… Our heart is as “FRAGILE” as anything else… please “handle with care!” … Continue reading

Chapel’ girl back to school!

Hey girls, it’s time to get some new clothes for this new school year! Grey long jersey/dress matches with gold dangle cube necklace and a belt.. If you gals are not familar with this brand, Chapel’ let me tell you more about it… Chapel’ is a new brand from Hong kong, they make lots of … Continue reading


another deal to celebrate the new school year…and the FALL is coming…. here is what we got for you guys, the camera lover…. from 8/27  – 9/7 (10 days enough ?) buying any ROBERU x WRONGWROKS leather Strap (those leather one with our collabo names on the pad) will get either 1. free shipping (your … Continue reading


懷抱強者無懼的滿腔熱血,挺著拿破崙英姿的軍裝風格 特殊金粉質感處理,低調的奢華~盡現!!! No.8以最自信的時尚態度,勇往直前~衝吧!!!   生命中有很多符號,每個人對不同符號有著不同的喜好,每個符號背後,往往有著一個很熱血的故事!數字便是眾多符號中的一種。 熱血特別企劃,於6月下旬依續推出數字0~9系列款,這次很高興邀請到各領域的名人們,以訪談的方式,聊聊自己和數字之間的熱血故事!!期望以數字款拋磚引玉,讓越來越多充滿熱血的故事可以被更多人聽見、看見,撼動所有人心中的熱血精神!!! 感謝你的支持,因為有你,我們才能夠繼續熱血下去!!! SUPERBORED is also Super 熱血!!!! In store this thursday! @ Superbored & braggarden!