Chapel’ girl back to school!

Hey girls, it’s time to get some new clothes for this new school year!

Grey long jersey/dress matches with gold dangle cube necklace and a belt..

If you gals are not familar with this brand, Chapel’ let me tell you more about it…

Chapel’ is a new brand from Hong kong, they make lots of simply stylish clothes not only for girls but guys too, but this launch @ superbored is all for girls… =)

拼布 plaid shirt, and big  水玉柄 tote bag (comes in red and blue)

拼布 plaid shirt from Chapel~ good match for school days!

拼布 plaid shirt with a reversable black/polka dot vest…semi formal look for class presentation & good student look-wannabe!

Mid length sleeves 拼布 plaid shirt with layer small plaid edge..

Short sleeves Stripe and plaid 拼布shirt!

Chapel No.9 perfume bottome necklace

Long sleeve stripe long shirt matches with a belt

Mid-length silky neck/hood top matches with a black ribbon waist belt

Grey 3 ribbons tank top! you can match it with our Cardigans!

White mid-length sleeve one side lace sleeves.. good for girls outing or dating~

Blue over size vest!

Chapel Rabbit tee and Blue polka dot reversable vest!

Dark brown all star hoody with wide neck! get it for windy school days!

Grey hoody dress cardigan material~ very comfy! with a big hood!

Grey Dot 柄 Sweater with blue oversize cardigan! good for rainy weather!

2 colorways~ dot 柄short sleeve hoody dress grey with sliver dots or black with metallic dots

Come check it out in store~ dun sleep on this chapel launch girls, okay?


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