Our WRONGWROKS HK STORE Opening party….the day has finally come…… SHOPAHOLIC, the name representing the Hong Kong shoppers, and its another coincidence into our “10 letters” brand name ( WRONGWROKS , SUPERBORED, BRAGGARDEN…etc) we have a few superstar guest at our party, the 1st one let me introduce SAMMY 森美 (903 DJ) the one beside … Continue reading

Stayreal new earphone tee @ BRAGGARDEN now!

STAYREAL Earphone T 耳機T 再也受不了  沒有盡頭的熱, 再也受不了  沒有自我的悶。 戴上自己的專屬耳機, 這個夏天,我不穿「衣服」,只穿「音樂」。 STAYREAL R.T.P.T 擬真技術  最新力作 刷新標準「錯覺級」超立體耳機  搖滾你的聽覺! 獨家「網點漸層」印製手法  渲染你的視覺! Earphone tee! Be your own superstar @ Braggarden!

MONSTERiD woohooo!

another surprising release for this fall. Monster iD. in store pre-order starts NOW!

MonsteriD in store now!

STEP 1 choose the hoody color you like, it can be regular hoody or triangle style hoodies…. pick the color, style, and size. STEP 2 pick the color of your SPIKE, it can be different color or even different pattern. Lots and lots of colorways on the chart, and also polkadots, patrick leaf, flowers….pattern… noted … Continue reading

Hometown is now SUPERBORED

SUPERBORED has brought HOMETOWN all the way from Taiwan to VANCOUVER! HOMETOWN 旋風登陸溫哥華 SUPERBORED!!!!!! 由潮流音樂人柯有綸&郭世倫創立的潮流品牌Hometown Development!成立在2009年! 2010年在品牌即將滿一歲之際與特地從日本來到台灣的哆啦A夢、大雄與靜香一起Show出『Hometown Development x 哆啦A夢40週年』商品! HOMETOWN stuffs will be up on blog very soon! we will keep you posted!!!!!

AES 2nd skull tee

AES new tee to celebrate AES 2nd anniversary! Comes in white and black! Be fast! Everyone is looking for it everywhere!!! it’s hot! this will only be @ BRAGGARDEN! not at superbored!!! Brag garden only! see you all at braggarden!!!