WRK5 – Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Let me introduce a new line, a new label, a new page of WRONGWROKS : The WRK5.

since 2005, WRONGWROKS have been doing art and clothing for 5 years , at some point, i think we need to create something new something striking again, we don’t need another Mona Lisa Ripped Off, or Nat, or the dora’s back…all these have become classic and WRONGWROKS can still running with striking “wrong” visuals, twisted….

At the same time, I want a new line. A line that has a different concept, not about twisted, but more than that, more than just “wrong” in the visual communications, but also the story behind it….

One day i read about Albert Einstein.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

this quotation from Eisten is really striking me. I think i need a new platform to create all this. For a more mature audience. I have created WRK5 (Aka. WRKS = WRONGWROKS 5th anniversary project)  ….

Stay tuned for more updates.


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