WRK5 TEE #2 – The Darkside of Yourself.

WRK5#2 –  The Dark side of your self.

“imagination is more important than knowledge”

Imagine the brain is not how it looks, imagine its like another human skull in there, imagine he is always facing the other side, where as always the facing backwards, when you agree, he disagree, when you think you want it, he doesnt want it. its evil, but im sure everyone of us has this inside, and this might be real.

X-ray can see what it is visually, this actually shows what it is psychologically , the real side of us.


and as i mentioned in the last blog post, each t-shirt in WRK5 is numbered, each edition is printed for 50 pcs worldwide. Once it sold out, its not going to be reproduced, and your numbered T-shirt is unique like if you get a 4/50, there is only 1 in this design all over the world. This is our promise to keep this label limited, and unique.


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