Mercibeaucoup x b+ab x Hello Kitty @ SUPERBORED

tomorrow, the big day has came, our Mercibeaucoup x b+ab x Hello Kitty special store display and corner (including newest Mercibeaucoup items from 2010/2011) will be at SUPERBORED RICHMOND tomorrow, limited quantities, no hold, no reserve, first come, first serve.

from tote bag to shirt to dress to accessories…tomorrow, at the store 1/14 , don’t miss this out. its already “ready” to be bought home !

purple edition

Yellow edition (comes in S / M )

typical hoody and this is the “volcano cake” edition, this is never appear in any magazines, this is LIMITED EDITION in selected stores. Well, we get it.

the crazy kitty head strap is here now. u want it ?

its long line up in hong kong to get this….. if u in vancouver, just come to the store, no line up.

this issue’s catalogue, of course we got most on the page and also some hidden “edition”…

like the tee? the necklace ? filled with kitty’s head ?

tee, legging.

yellow jacket, denim (soldout)

tee ? orange legging…

black legging

close up


black legging


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