SUPERBORED 糖兄妹 Live in VANCOUVER tonight 5/29 7:00 PM !

Tonight ! 5/29 ! 7:00 PM DOOR OPEN WITH LOTS OF SURPRISE ! SEE YOU AT Norman Rothstein Theatre ! (call 604-873-2293 for last chance to get in ! we have about 10-15 tickets left…thas IT!!! u will regret to miss our first ever SUPERBORED PRODUCTION !) happy face photos ! haha did u get … Continue reading

糖兄妹 5/28 (SAT) 3:00 PARKER PLACE , 5:00 SUPERBORED !

wanna meet 糖兄妹 ? 3:00 @ PARKER PLACE we will have mini concert + greet the fans ! 5:00 @ SUPER BORED , we will have autograph session at OUR STORE ! SEE YOU TOMORROW !

SQUAD 2011 S/S Crush Black Denim 破壞加工黑丹寧褲

SQUAD 2011 Crush Black Denim 破壞加工黑丹寧褲 流行品牌 SQUAD 最新力作 SQUAD 2011 S/S Crush Black Denim破壞加工黑丹寧褲!! 以街頭潮人最喜愛的破壞加工丹寧褲作為設定,將以往丹寧褲的版型稍加修改,改良成為附和時下流行趨勢的修飾版型,讓喜愛 SQUAD 的朋友在穿搭上多了一種全新的不同選擇。 本次推出的黑丹寧褲款在細節上加入大量的破壞加工設計,精湛的水洗加工技術,呈現出煥然一新的視覺效果,破壞補強巧妙搭配跳色的車縫線,使整件褲子更加特別成熟且不失強烈辨識度!!

SQUAD 2011 經典口袋短Tee

SQUAD 2011 A/W Classic Pocket Tee-Shirt (SQUAD 2011 經典口袋短Tee) 台灣街頭流行品牌 SQUAD 本週匠心呈現 SQUAD 2011 秋冬系列 Classic Pocket 經典口袋短Tee,以 SQD 團隊一直以來訴求的高質感品味為軸心,搭配簡約的異種布材拼接,應用大玩色彩落差的手法來表現經典百搭的短 Tee 品項 此款 SQUAD 2011 秋冬經典口袋短Tee 


after the hours and hours of travelling…Kandy finally arrives the YVR (VANCOUVER) ! and of course, we & fans bought her flowers ! she is happy ! lets go !

DAVID FLORES x WRONGWROKS x Peekaboo Featuring Renee L

2011 WRONGWROKS and David Flores teamed up for this PEEKABOO project together and they worked it out!! Peekaboo is FLYING! Flying Peekaboo comes in 4 colors on either white or black tee =) for both boys and girls! Flying Peekaboo comes in Pink, Blue, Grey and Purple! Blue Grey! Purple! Something about David Flores: Approach … Continue reading