Superbored is now HIRING!

Yes, we are hiring, please drop your resume to


– Familiar with all the Brands we have in store

– Flexible schedule

– Fluent in English, Mandarin or Cantonese

– Some experience in retail business


要懂國或粵語 =D



One Response to “Superbored is now HIRING!”
  1. christian mcneil says:

    Omg…..yes I am fluent….I am going to fly to Canada and live there….!! Why you might ask?
    So that I can meet those girls that work there….oh yes…..make way….I am coming…!!!
    Totally fluent in english and somewhat in Mandarin…..I MUST work there…
    I am so all about those girls….the most beautiful on this entire world..
    Superbored Wrongwroks girls are SUPER…!!!
    My dream of all dreams has come true…..your gonna love me and I will do the best job ever…..
    I want my spongebob uniform… out girls…..
    Christian is coming there…..and I seriously LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all……!!!!!!!!

    See you soon, but not soon enough….
    Kisses like you never have been kissed before
    So very intense for you special…..:-))

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