the wait is over.


Let me share a little story about “SUPERBORED”….

at the end of 2008, the global economy was very very bad, the entire stock market is down in the states and asia. Vancouver is not the first round got hit but it did bring us some “tension” and “worries” , during that time, El Kartel on robson street (it was our first few store who carried WRONGWROKS since 2006 and I have to thank El Kartel for bringing WRONGWROKS into the hype , into the main stream, provided with such a nice store) has given me a call about stop carrying WRONGWROKS.

It was very very bad news to WRONGWROKS, 2008 was a great year and we have made a few important move and our brand just started to looking good, we have received a phone call from EL KARTEL about stop carrying WRONGWROKS, and for sure, its a big hit, but everything has an end. So we took back all the remaining stock and at that time, we have another outlet in Richmond, (at that time, HEADQUARTER has a 2nd store in Richmond too) we also forced to take the stock and it seemed like an end to us.

after a couple month consideration, I have decided to open our very first store ” SUPERBORED” on the west 4th. Where the hype were born….and that has started a new page for us….

2009 / Feb , we have opened our 1st store “SUPER BORED” on West4th Vancouver !

2009 / Oct , we have opened our 1st Limited Guerilla Store “BRAG GARDEN” near Granville Island !

2010 / Nov , we have put both together and opened a bigger store in Richmond , BC – The “SUPERBORED RICHMOND Store

8/28/2011 3:00 pm …. we are here to announced the 2nd store of SUPERBORED in Burnaby !

Hello Burnaby ! (another City in British Columbia !) We are here finally !

be there early and line up for the special gift set, we will release all brand new stuff and “surprise” brands and also we have prepared ” 20 ” special gift bag for the first 20 fans who lined up and go into the store…be there early and get the GIFT !! CU in burnaby ! its in CRYSTAL MALL ! just few stores around the food court !


unit 2811, 4500 kingsway (crystal mall) , burnaby, BC, Canada

  1. christian mcneil says:

    Ooooooo I wanna go sooo bad…….I wish I lived in Canada right now…!!

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