JOYRICH x Gizmobies iphone4 wrap !

jus came back from Vegas / LA and had a meeting with the JOYRICH team….here is something i got ~ a brand new JOYRICH x Gizmobies iphone wrap ( feels real good) – this is the back wrap

this is the front of the iphone wrap….ops…this set doesnt come with KANDY ! just my wallpaper…a funny photo she sent me awhile ago so i set it as wallpaper….

anyways, this beautiful wrap is in both burnaby and richmond store now ! thanks !



Unit 160, 4811 Hazelbridge way,

Richmond, BC, Canada

V6X 3K7

TEL: 1-604-873-2293

Monday – Sunday 1:00 – 7:00 PM



Unit 2811, 4500 kingsway,

Crystal Mall,

Burnaby, BC, Canada

TEL : 1-604-282-7290

Monday – Sunday 11:30 – 6:30 PM

One Response to “JOYRICH x Gizmobies iphone4 wrap !”
  1. christian mcneil says:

    Oooooooowwww…….Kandy strikes again……!!!

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