you probably have seen this series or part of the series back to spring 2011….and wondering what takes so long to do this ? To be honest…we are just waiting for the autumn to come….we are accepting pre-orders (will be available for pre-order online tomorrow) for just $100.00 USD online (100.00 CDN in store) , which the original price will be $128.00 when its available by Sept 12,2011 . So…from now until 9/12, you can pre-order this at this special price….you can choose the sizes you want later when the real measurements are up….

entire jacket made with WATER PROOF ZIPPER + WATER PROOF MATERIAL. Both side comes with the reflective leopard patterns along the side.

we will have 5 sizes… Girls wearing XS (girls one size) and mens’ coming in S , M , L, XL . (kandy and Renee wearing XS obviously) check out the photos below ! the price will be $100.00 online before 9/12, after that, the price will back to $128.00. Good luck !


Black polkadots + original brown leopard reflective pattern.

Black polkadots + purple leopard reflective pattern.

Red Polkadots + Black leopard reflective pattern.


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