2ne1 x Jeremy Scott x Adidas Collage JS wing 2.0 @SUPERBORED

近年韓國最HIPHOP 的女子組合~2NE1!每次演出的穿著都是前衛,著用JEREMY SCOTT設計的潮服多年,終於得到JEREMY SCOTT的極度關注!2011 年Jeremy Scott 決定與 2NE1 聯手創作 屬於2NE1 的 JS WING!

除了有JS 招牌的翅膀外 這雙不只是 JS WING 那麼簡單!是 COLLAGE STYLE 的 JS WING!

用上不用PATTERN 的材質拼布 用上馬毛的豹紋質料!搭配上鮮黃的翅膀!回頭率超過100﹪!


Female Korean pop group 2NE1 has teamed up with fashion designer Jeremy Scott to create their very own take on the ever controversial Adidas Originals JS wings series.

This quirky statement footwear has been constructed from a mix of contrasting coloured leathers in red, pink, blue and yellow, as well as featuring patterned horse hair panelling.

These flamboyant trainers are not for the faint hearted, however they can be worn without the striking yellow wings if preferred – as they are easily detachable. Other details include: woven tongue decal and iron-branded Trefoil on the heel, with all this sitting upon a chunky white sole with black stitch detail.

These trainers are without a doubt going to make you stand out from the crowd – they are definite head turners!


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