2012 WRONGWROKS GOLD LEOPARD and SLIVER LEOPARD zip up! 黃金豹紋和灰銀豹紋包邊高領外套! 男生示範大人氣新品!

Wrongwroks new gold/grey leopard zip up hoody has arrived @ Superbored, it comes in 2 colorway, and the interior of the hoody is leopard pattern wrapped allover the hood. This hoody is slim fit and please come try it out in store!

@wrongwroks 黃金豹紋和灰銀豹紋包邊高領外套 超挺的外套質料 裡毛是高質量的豹紋毛布 兩色可選擇 黃金豹紋和灰銀豹紋 拉鏈扣上 WRONGWROKS 的白色皮標 超低調又帶內心狂野的豹紋 男女着用可!明天就來店內選購吧!@SUPERBORED


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