Wrongwroks bubble logo pant! in store now!!

WRONGWROKS new sweat pant style! It’s been awhile! yes! Wrongwroks sweat pant is always everyone’s favorite outfit! and now they has released a new sweat pant collection! BUBBLE font W.R.K.S. logo pant! It comes in different colorway and different font on the pant! It comes in Black/gold, Grey/white, Navy/pink, Royal black/ Sliver!

in store now!

@WRONGWROKS 2012 新品綿褲 BUBBLE WRKS LOGO 100﹪本地加拿大製造 MADE IN CANADA 的高質料人氣單品!

WRKS 是 @WRONGWROKS 的縮寫 已經沿用多年!現在出新的DESGIN 了! BUBBLE WRKS 每一件不同顏色的褲子都是不一樣配色!

黑配金的 ROYAL藍色配銀色的 灰配白的 深藍配螢光粉紅的 新配色喔!


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