我們 WRONGWROKS 已經走入成立品牌的第七個年頭!今度的PHOTOSHOOT有別於已往一貫的風格 @WRONGWROKS 7週年系列完全吸引各人的眼球!十分另人耳目一新的清爽感!各款經典完售款重新採用新版型踢恤再入荷!

the wait is over and here we have already revealed on facebook few days ago….here is the details…they are available in all the worldwide WRONGWROKS / SUPERBORED locations…and also


i _ NY from 2006 summer…..classic of the classic !

Lucky Wolf….remember the design we did for COLETTE MY 10th anniversary ?

if Ripped Mona Lisa is not in the classic then nothing really is !

Fist – the classic from the comics !

the “american idol” from 2006 !

word. Facebook IS “superbored” ! LOL

Bubble girl….still one of the best photo tee and selling tees in our stores beyond the Mona Lisa ! whos’ more?


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