SUPERBORED , a very boring store in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2009 Feb, the first Superbored store was opened on West 4th Avenue.

In 2009 Oct, we have opened an other store Called Brag Garden, which was a limited time store.

2010 Oct, Brag Garden Closed and Superbored has moved to a New Location.

2010 Nov, the NEW Superbored store opened.

We are now located at Unit 160, 4811 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond.


This is our Superbored Richmond Store front!

besides the brand we carry, we also got some special collections for you guys ! come and see !

Brand List:

– Wrongwroks

– Stayreal

– Stage

– Outerspace

– Fever

– Hometown

– Shadowgraph

– Squad

– Little Secret

– Chocoolate


– Superbored

– Phantaci

– Bearbrick

– Figures and toys

– Chapel

– and more……

One Response to “ABOUT SB”
  1. Jonathan says:


    I really like your clothing styles.

    I’ve never been to your store yet but will plan for a visit soon.

    I got one or your hats from a friend.

    Anyways… I’d like to become a VIP member so that I can bring my other friends over for some discounts too.

    Let me know if there is a way I can become a VIP member.


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