OUTERSPACE by Leo 廖人帥 @ Circus


LEO, Outerspace’s original founder and design.

started OUTERSPACE in 2007, decided to make his own streetwear since he was a kid. Everytime he saw or buying t-shirts, he found that every single shirt has a label saying where is it made from, MADE IN CHINA, MADE IN TAIWAN… anywhere on the earth, so he decided to made stuff from the OUTERSPACE! something very unique and new ! something that not belonging to the EARTH!

CIRCUS-LEO決定在2007年創立OUTER SPACE,完成小時候自創品牌的夢想,為什麼品牌名稱要叫OUTER SPACE(外太空)呢?我們時常在買衣服的時候,可以發現每件衣服都有MADE IN哪裡.哪裡?哪裡生產,哪裡製造?可是大家有沒有想過地球是大家的,不單只是人類所有,而國家的出現也是人們因為私人利益而產生的名詞罷了,也因為有了國家所以產生了戰爭國家為了方便控制人民思想,於是富麗堂皇說著愛國心來整合控制大家的思想,但大家有沒有想過,我們的掌權者真的有為人民的利益去做決定嗎?所以,我不打算把我的品牌MADE IN在哪個國家下面,而MADE IN OUTER SPACE(外太空),正是我選擇的地方!太空思想無國界…OUTER SPACE帶著叛逆的精神去質疑去推翻!去創造屬於自己的外太空!

4 Responses to “OUTERSPACE by Leo 廖人帥 @ Circus”
  1. traccy says:

    i am malaysian…
    how i can buy the tee?

  2. tracy says:

    i am malaysian… how i can buy the tee?

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