一台熱血拉霸機,一場人生的賭局 滿版印刷吹起黑白復古風,豪氣又不失新意 拿出你的熱血心,勇敢拉下這一把,創造你的777!!! 生命中有很多符號,每個人對不同符號有著不同的喜好,每個符號背後,往往有著一個很熱血的故事!數字便是眾多符號中的一種。 上市了!!!! in store right now! Advertisements

OUTERSPACE GO! Tee 3 colors in store!

潮落之後不一定會潮起 那就穿上[GO TO 宇宙!夢想噴射器] 一起離開這混亂的星球吧 小時候 我們都有好多好多的夢想 長大後 你的夢想是一個一個完成了 還是一個一個消失了呢? 很多事情現在不做 就永遠不會做了 如果現在有夢想 那就現在來實踐吧 要完成夢想… [GO!]是最重要的元素 因為不GO就不會往前 因為不GO就無法實現 於是OUTERSPACE在T恤正面 設計了一個史上最巨大的[GO!] 超帥氣地無時無刻貼心提醒 今天,你[GO!]了沒!? 而T恤背面的 強力[夢想噴射器]設計 就是要給你滿滿滿滿的熱血超能動力 豐富炫彩繽紛配色 運用了紅、黃、寶藍、天空藍、 桃紅、粉紅、黑、白、米白…等顏色 讓夢想噴射器更能天馬行空無邊無際 人因夢想而偉大 沒有夢想那跟鹹魚有什麼差別 不要害怕! 不要囉嗦! 不要找藉口! 就算[我知道你們都在笑我] 就算明天就是地球毀滅 今天的我還是要勇往直前 GO!GO!GO! 穿上[GO to宇宙!夢想噴射器] 一起用創意跟努力飛上外太空吧! GO! BE A OUTERSPACE HERO! in store this thursday! SUPERBORED! GOGOGO!


ALL three colors avaliable in SUPERBORED! FEVER/ OUTERSPACE was founded by a group of TV show hosts in Taiwan called Circus. And you can started youtubing their clips, and check out their shows. The oldest show was called the circus action. In the show, they were doing a bunch of non-sense activities such as running … Continue reading


Love tee… we sold out so quick when we first launch! Restocked Blue and pink, more boy’s sticky side this time! We got ocean blue and pink…. only for this summer!!!   How can u miss this? only for the guys and girls who missed their chance of getting this LOVE tee from last time… … Continue reading


We got two FEVER tee in store this weekend! Come check those out NOW! Now avaliable @ SUPERBORED

Outerspace LOVE tee March 27-Friday

This weekend, we will launch the outerspace — Love tee Available in 4 different colors, Black/White/Red/Pink It’s the LOVE tee… Love is made of Velcro, and when two people wearing the same tee at the same time…. it sticks together!!!!! literally! Men size M/L/XL is the Hoop side, and Girl S and SS is the … Continue reading